GemTrade Services provides a full range of trading and logistical services for companies and individuals dealing in diamonds and gemstones. GemTrade is part of the Malca-Amit Group of Companies, which are leading international logistics service providers to the luxury goods industries.

GemTrade, based in Antwerp, provides companies dealing in diamonds and gemstones a convenient and accessible gateway into the European market, so that they can enjoy an easier, smoother and more effective way of doing business in Europe. GemTrade's services allow companies to explore additional business opportunities within Europe, backed by GemTrade's full-service support. From expanding their client base, to enjoying local representation in Antwerp - GemTrade provides clients with a tailor-made suite of services to fulfil their unique requirements.

As part of the Malca-Amit Group of Companies, not only our services are secure, confidential and cost-effective, but all logistic services can be provided with full Malca-Amit liability.

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our services


Assisting with the importation of loose polished and rough diamonds into Belgium, enabling companies to take advantage of European VAT exemption offerings where applicable.


Imported goods can be delivered to a company's designated representative throughout Europe enabling fast, easy and safe shipping of high-value items.


Inspection services in our state-of-the-art facilities.


Gemological laboratory services performed by leading laboratories (GIA, HRD, IGI).


Facilitation of tenders and auctions, including arranging a local facility, and providing all related services.


Sale of diamonds and gemstones (per instruction and memo of owner).


Professional imaging services for loose diamonds and gemstones.